About Us

The Loomis Library and Community Learning Center is in transition. Placer County closed their Loomis branch on July 30, 2016. On November 8th, Loomis residents approved a 1/4 cent sales tax increase to fund the Library.  Two parties have been working together for a phased reopening as a town library in the fall of 2016.

1. The Town of Loomis. In August, the Town of Loomis leased the building from the County for 10 years at $1 per year. By the end of 2016, the Town Council will officially declare the Loomis Library a “municipal library” under the California Education Code. The Town Council will also appoint a Library Board to govern the Library. Town of Loomis website.

2. The Friends of the Loomis Library, a non-profit California corporation, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Town to hire staff and pay the bills of the library out of public funds. In addition to this aspect of library operation, the Friends will continue as library supporters and volunteers, and raise funds to help the library. Friends of the Loomis Library website.

In conjunction with the Library Board, the Library Director (to be hired probably in the first quarter of 2017) will manage the library. Presently a team is meeting regularly to re-open the library.

Though the Town and Friends of the Library are separate organizationally, they have pledged to work together for the common goal of opening an excellent library to serve the Loomis area.