Friends of Loomis Library work to re-open

It’s happening. The Loomis Library is coming alive again. Placer County’s “Permanently Closed” sign on the library door has been replaced with a large banner proclaiming, “Your Loomis Library Community Learning Center Coming in the Fall.”

The Town of Loomis has leased the building from the County for $1 per year. The Friends of the Loomis Library are preparing to reopen with limited services until a tax measure passes in November. The tax is necessary for hiring a director, adding hours, paying utilities, and increasing the collection of books, DVDs, and CDs.

The County Library’s announcement of plans to close the Loomis branch triggered intense activity by Loomis citizens to keep their library. “Loomis has had a library since 1899,” says Linda Sandahl, vice president of the Friends of the Loomis Library, “long before the County stepped in. We can’t envision this town without our library as the hub of the community.”

Following a grassroots campaign of petitions and overflow Town Council meetings, and a year-long study by the Mayor’s Ad Hoc Committee, the Town Council voted 5-0 to lease the building and reopen it as a Town Library and Community Learning Center. They also voted to put a ¼ cent sales tax on the November ballot to fund the library and community center, Measures F and G. The tax would cost 25 cents per $100 of Loomis sales, and is expected to raise about $250,000 per year, enough to meet projected library costs.

“We’re not waiting until November to get started,” says Linda Sandahl. “We will reopen the library’s community room as soon as possible for programs, events, and gatherings. Soon after, we hope to offer free WiFi and public computer access.
In October we’re planning some exciting children’s programs, and will open a children’s collection as soon as possible.”

“Volunteers are working hard to restore some library services and community room access,” says Jean Wilson, member of the Friends of the Library Transition Team, “but to fund it into the future, we absolutely must pass Measures F and G or the library community center will have to close.”

“I went to the Loomis Library as a kid,” says Sandahl. “We can’t close our Library! We need it open for all the children of our community.”


If you would like more information about this topic, please call Dr. Ralph Wilson at (916) 652-4659 or e-mail.