“Building a Community of Makers” on Wednesday, October 5th at 6 pm, is the first in a series of Fall programs presented at the re-opened Loomis Library, 6050 Library Drive, Loomis.

Hacker Lab President, Eric Ullrich, will provide a global overview based on his recent trip to Fab 12 in Shenzhen, China, organized by MIT’s Fab Foundation. Then he’ll share his perspective on the value of community makerspaces in supporting local economies.  Hacker Lab’s primary space is located in mid-town Sacramento.

Carol Pepper-Kittredge, Sierra College’s Director of the Center for Applied Competitive Technologies, will speak about how student lives have changed, how college faculty have incorporated innovative tools into curriculum, and how the “Hacker Lab Powered by Sierra College” has influenced the statewide California Community College Chancellor’s Office in the launch of a new $17 million initiative called Innovation Maker 3.

Through a partnership with Hacker Lab, a makerspace, hackerspace and coworking space located on Granite Drive in Rocklin, Sierra College students and faculty are expanding learning and creativity, entrepreneurs are creating new businesses, businesses are learning new skills to stay competitive, and community members (and children!) are combining learning with fun.

The Loomis Library is in the process of a phased re-opening of library services. The first step has been to open the Community Room for Girl Scouts, a current events discussion group, and other community groups. The next phase, launching sometime in October, will be opening the children’s section of the library and providing the children with story times.

Placer County closed the Loomis Branch Library at the end of July. Since then, the building has been leased to the Town of Loomis, and teams of volunteers from the Friends of the Loomis Library have been working to re-open library services this fall in anticipation of passing Measures F and G on the November ballot. “Unless Loomis voters support the library by passing F and G in November,” says Linda Sandahl, Friends of the Library vice president, “Loomis Library will close. Our library needs funding to continue.”